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AQI eBook: Towards a Better Air Quality Index

Air pollution has become one of the central public health emergencies of our time. London, for example, breached its 2017 pollution limits just 5 days into the year. Oslo temporarily banned diesel cars from its city center in order to combat pollution. Beijing is spending over $2.7 billion to improve its air. And this is all just from the first month of 2017.


Air quality has long been measured using national Air Quality Indexes (AQIs), which indicate how clean the air is in a specific area and what the dominant pollutant is. But, as air quality increasingly becomes a global priority, one limitation of those AQIs becomes very clear: each country has a different way of measuring air quality, which means that there’s no single unified, global AQI.


The result? People don’t have clear, consistent, and reliable information about the air they breathe, no matter where they are. The environmental engineers at BreezoMeter started asking themselves: why not?

We’re excited to announce that BreezoMeter has made a major step towards a global, unified formula: introducing the BreezoMeter Air Quality Index, BAQI for short. Now, with the BAQI, global businesses and consumers can rely on the same, accurate, real-time air quality information anywhere in the world. Many international brands are looking for air quality data but they quickly learn that standards vary in countries across the world. The BreezoMeter AQI fixes that, making it easy to use the same data, no matter where you, or your customers, may be.

AQI eBook


The eBook takes a deep-dive into the BAQI and why we made it. In this book, you’ll learn:

  • What an air quality index is
  • How AQIs differ across the world
  • Why we created the BAQI and how it works
  • What data the BAQI is based on
  • How air quality data can be used to avoid pollution

To get this free eBook, click here.



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