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Air Quality Integrations Showcased at CES 2019

Julie Ach
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Were you one of the over 188,000 industry professionals in Las Vegas last week for the major event of the year, the Consumer Electronics Show, CES? Did you have a chance during the busy week-long event to stop by BreezoMeter's colorful, balloon-filled booth? Even if you were at the show, it's possible that given the overwhelming array of venues, press conferences, exhibition space, and the amount of cutting edge innovation that buzzed in the air, you didn't have the opportunity to meet us at our lively booth in the Health and Wellness Marketplace, situated in Sands Expo. Take a moment to sit back, and hear about what was going on.

BreezoMeter Exhibits at CES 2019, Health and Wellness Marketplace

We were so honored to be visited by so many attendees during the 4-day exhibition, and want to share a bit about what we were sharing at the booth, in case you missed it, or want a quick refresher.

No doubt there were a few major draws to our booth. The first, balloons! People were stopping as they passed just to take pictures of our new booth, which included a ceiling of colorful balloons, animated by fans, to simulate particulate matter and gases in the air. It was visually catchy, and grabbed a lot of attention.


Next up, we were displaying real-time, location-based air quality data on a big, central screen, allowing conference attendees to search their hometowns, places of interest, and even the conference center location itself, on the Las Vegas strip - if you were curious, for most of the week the air quality was pretty good in Las Vegas! Overall, we saw a range of results from the places displayed on the big screen, from excellent air quality in Belgium, to low air quality in New Delhi, and everything in between. We also encouraged visitors to visit their app stores in order to download the BreezoMeter app. With our app, users are able to explore what it means to have access to real-time, location-based air quality data. Not only that, they will receive personalized health recommendations, forecast, weather, and several other popular features that we offer through our air quality API.

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Air Quality Data @CES Showcased Integrations

At our booth, we were excited to feature a number our partners' devices that showcase innovative air quality and pollen integrations. This provided the opportunity to better explain to visitors what it means to provide air quality features to end users. In this way, we could show how companies can positively influence their ongoing relationships with their customers, and improve health on a world-wide scale, while improving user engagement and growing their bottom line.

Among the featured integrations in our Air Purification and Smart Homes center was Walter®, by Aldes, the sleek residential companion with a nice smile, who measures and controls indoor air quality for you and your family, making your indoor air healthier. Walter® integrates BreezoMeter's real-time outdoor air quality data in order to show users the full air quality picture, and better inform control of indoor air quality.Walter monitor and control with AldesAdditionally, GLAS® smart thermostat by Johnson Controls was on display at our CES 2019 booth. This connected device monitors air quality, and works with most air systems, allowing you to be confident about the air you breathe. It monitors total VOCs and equivalent CO2, while providing BreezoMeter's pollen and air quality data for the corresponding outdoor location, something especially useful for asthma and allergy sufferers.

GLAS Johnson ControlsAirthings displayed Wave, a real-time radon detector, rounding out the Air Purification and Smart Homes area of our booth. Wave fits in any home, and is easy for anyone to use. With simply the wave of a hand, the connected device conveys the current radon levels in the home with an easy-to-understand tricolor system. The Airthings dashboard provides additional information to its users, such as BreezoMeter's outdoor air quality data, helping users make smarter decisions about when to open windows and air things out, or when to keep things closed, as would be suggested in the event of lower outdoor air quality. The real-time approach of both the radon and outdoor air quality data helps users keep their homes as safe and healthy as possible.

Wave-with-app-lifestyle-AirThingsOver in the Medical Device and Digital Health section of our booth we were displaying Kap Code's innovative connected inhaler, Connect'inh. As Kap Code explains,

The connected revolution is changing the way we think about healthcare. Data from these devices are now accurate enough and scientifically validated which helps health professionals adapt and personalize patients’ care.

By integrating BreezoMeter's externally validated, real-time, and location-based air quality data, Kap Code is able to alert patients in advance of worsening air conditions, using the 96-hour air quality forecast feature, and can better understand the air pollution conditions during which a patient uses their connected devices, granting insight to individual air sensitivities and triggers for health crises.

kapcode systemAlso on display was L’Oréal’s My Skin Track UV, a small, battery-free wearable electronic device that allows its wearers to measure and track their exposure to UV radiation. Its corresponding app provides information and tips for reducing exposure to UV and air pollution, which can severely hurt our body's largest organ, our skin. The app provides UV index, and integrates BreezoMeter's air quality and pollen data, as well as insights into our global, unified air quality index, pollutant sources and health effects, current and 'safe' pollutant concentrations, and weather information.

Loreal my skin track UV

We were also pleased to show the Toxic Toby use case in the Media and Advertising area of our booth. Toxic Toby is an animatronic teddy bear that advertising giant McCann London deployed on the streets of London to show, on a personable level, the air pollution at that specific location. BreezoMeter's air quality data has been integrated into the teddy bear, who coughs and wheezes when air pollution levels are increased, and sends tweets and social media messages to relevant representatives in government, in an effort to draw attention to the rising problem and global health crisis that air pollution represents.

Toxic Toby video capture

This is only a short summary of our CES 2019 Las Vegas experience! Now's a great time to contact our team to further discuss how you can help your users benefit from air quality and pollen data in your products and technologies. We hope to be showcasing your products at our next show!

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