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Air Quality Data Resolution: Low-cost, Economy, or First?

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By Ziv Lautman on July, 13 2017

In part 1 of the data resolution series, we talked about the need for relevant, location-based air quality data for your business: Data resolution equals relevancy. 

Now it’s time to go one step further and look at the different air quality approaches available for businesses. And what better way to discuss the concept of quality in air quality than an analogy with airline tickets?

Let’s open with an example

LifeMap Solutions partnered with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to develop a mobile app that would:

  • Help asthmatic patients manage their health conditions
  • Conduct a large-scale study on asthma


The LifeMap/Icahn R&D team initially started with raw data from the nearest monitoring stations to quickly realize they needed an upgrade: accurate, street-level, real-time data. And also global coverage.

The Low-Cost of Air Quality Data - Raw Data

Companies like LifeMap learned that raw data from monitoring stations has no QA nor data validation: users will experience spikes, noise, and missing data. Because monitoring station data tends to be delayed, many times users do not have access to relevant and real time data.

In addition, coverage will be (extremely) limited. The proof in image with Australia’s air pollution map:

Air Pollution Data Resolution Australia.png

Most companies will prefer to avoid this type of solutions & user experience.  

Economy Class for Air Pollution Monitoring - The Closest Station

Many air pollution data solutions today are simply providing air quality data from the nearest air quality monitoring stations, which can also lead to a poor user experience. This approach doesn’t take into account atmospheric circulation and the dynamics of air pollution. As a result, not only that the  data will tend to be monotonous, constant, with sharp, sudden changes, but it will not be engaging to users. The consequence: unreliable consumer data + unengaging information = disappointed, abandoning users.

Take a look yourself:

Air pollution data resolution BreezoMeter vs. Closest Station jpg.jpg

Left: BreezoMeter street-level air quality data in Los Angeles
Right: Visual representation of data using the nearest monitoring station approach in New York

First Class Data - Multiple Data Sources + QA + Dispersion Models

Thanks to years of academic and proprietary research, BreezoMeter enables brands to deliver the first class experience customers and users want. 
Multiple data sources, like weather and traffic, on top of monitoring stations, help us keep track of pollution dynamics. QA, data validation and ongoing accuracy testing ensure we always offer high quality data. Air quality dispersion models allow us to provide you with street-level, dynamic air quality data, all over the world.

The impact for your business?

  1. Up to +60% increase in sales for IoT connected devices using BreezoMeter outdoor air quality data.
  2. Engagement boost: 0.24 - 1.52 min additional time users spend on apps using BreezoMeter outdoor air quality data.
  3. +30% The CTR increase for responsive online ad campaigns using BreezoMeter outdoor air quality data

To summarize, BreezoMeter data resolution promise:

  • Reliable, real-time, and location-based data. This data has proved to increase engagement, retention, click rate, and more.
  • Consistent data, with 99.9% SLA available. So your users always know what’s in the air.
  • Accurate data at your customers’ locations. Today, who can tolerate inaccurate data?
  • Global market coverage. We have you covered, wherever your users are.

Let’s discuss today how we can help you reach higher engagement and a greater number of happy customers.

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