How Air Quality Data Gives Media Companies A Step Up

How often do you check the weather? Once a day? More? The weather changes day to day, but not always dramatically over the course of the day (unless it’s hurricane season!). What about air pollution? Did you know that the air pollution around you can change multiple times a day, and significantly at that? Here’s how air quality data and media companies can work together.

More opportunities for user interactions for Air quality data and Media Companies

What does this have to do with advertising and media companies? What does this have to do with influential campaigns and audience targeting?

As a company focused on media and content, you are always looking for ways to increase user engagement and get in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Your goals likely include increasing visits to your sites and apps, the length of those visits, getting more clicks, and more users deeper into your content, and to keep them coming back.

WeatherBug integrated air quality data from BreezoMeter, creating dedicated webpages for their users to better understand what is in the air they breathe. This creates the opportunity for WeatherBug to provide more relevant advertising to their users, and relevant information that interests and concerns their users.

Is your company looking for an innovative approach to engage your potential and current customers about their health, and about the quality of the air they breathe?

Leading weather provider WeatherBug turned their dedication to hyperlocal data into an opportunity to increase user engagement and improve advertising opportunities for their partners.

Leveraging an Invisible Problem

Does your company leverage a problem that is generally invisible, like air pollution? What would you do if you were offered a solution that could benefit the health of your customers, by providing relevant, big data, and personalized health recommendations, while at the same time increasing their engagement with your brand and increasing the value of visiting your platforms?

Learn more about how WeatherBug is connecting its users to higher engagement opportunities and their media partners with more highly customized advertising opportunities:

Increasing site traffic can sometimes be as simple as integrating data that is not just localized, but also personally relevant. Inviting users to explore intuitive, real-time maps and visuals of something that until this experience has remained entirely elusive, invisible to the eye, is not just empowering and engaging, but also encourages users to keep coming back.

Are you ready to learn more about integrating air quality data, and how it can help not just your brand get in front of your target audiences, but your opportunities for advertising as well?

Air quality data, a solution for engagement

In the world of media companies, WeatherBug understands their users: their interests, desires, tendencies, and more. By providing air quality data, they demonstrate that they understand what visitors to their platforms care about (health!), and can harness the data to provide better targeting opportunities for advertisements.

This is a win-win for their users, since no one wants to see irrelevant ads, and no one wants to waste advertising budgets on the wrong audience.

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