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Efficient Fifty: Top 50 Energy Tech Companies Include Air Quality Data

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By Ziv Lautman on November, 30 2017

The very prestigious private equity firm JMP securities has released for the first time a report discussing the top 50 private leading companies in industrial energy technology.

From more than 250 companies evaluated, BreezoMeter was chosen as one of the Efficient Fifty - companies who are all about being smarter and more efficient. The companies span a range of industries, from transportation and efficient satellite imaging, to electric metering and, with BreezoMeter, air quality data. Ultimately, the JMP report is all about innovation.

One of BreezoMeter's core values is innovation. 5 years ago we recognized the problem that air quality data was unavailable. Before BreezoMeter, global companies of any size didn't have the ability to integrate real-time, location-specific air quality data that is highly accurate and engaging, with features like 4-day forecast, pollen counts and more. Our innovating thinking never stopped and we continually strive to introduce new features and products to the market.

Today, we work with companies from many of the industries represented by other leaders in this group of 50. Take for example a company automating HVAC services to make them more energy efficient. A system in an office building knowing when air quality is substandard outside in real-time can automatically activate to create a healthier environment inside if it is during work-time hours, or not respond if it is the middle of the night. The possibilities for integrating our real-time air quality data are truly limitless, and we look forward to each new implementation of our intuitive and simple air quality API, as it brings more people the opportunity to breathe healthier air.

We are honored to be recognized by the JMP Group, and are confident that the 50 selected companies will go far in bringing increased efficiency and smarter products to their targeted markets and industries.

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