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Air Quality Data at CES 2018

Daniel Elkabetz
CES 2018 BreezoMeter Booth-2

Attending and exhibiting at a big show like CES is a tremendous investment both in time and resources, and it's always exhausting. There isn't a bigger show in the world these days, and for all of the hard work by the BreezoMeter teams, we had a great show.

Where else could we meet with almost all of our customers, partners, and potential clients all in one place, over the course of just a few days? Where else could we see new integrations of BreezoMeter's air quality API that span industries from smart cities and smart homes to digital health and automotive?

On that note, when did automotive companies become such a driving factor at a consumer electronics show? Automotive companies were at CES in force, as driving is no longer just about getting from point A to point B, rather creating a safe and healthy on-board experience as well. We live in a world that is connected and more integrated than ever before. Consumers expect devices and environments to be seamlessly connected with one another, and CES is where innovative opportunities are revealed, including concrete solutions from automotive OEMs.

From sun up to sun down, it was a bustling show, without a spare moment to stop. The booth, located in the Health and Wellness Marketplace, served as a meeting point for nurturing customer relations and discussing potential partnerships, and our partners from Hella joined us to help communicate the corellation between the automotive driving experience and air quality data.

Digital Health CES 2018 Ziv Lautman of BreezoMeter.jpeg

Ziv Lautman, BreezoMeter Co-Founder and CMO, presented in the Digital Health Trailblazers panel session.

Air Quality Data Integration on Display at CES

Another exciting opportunity at CES was that we got to see how brands use air quality data.

Smart mobility (automotive) and smart cities played a big role in CES,  and serveral companies showcased how they use air quality data to help cities manage and reduce air pollution.

BreezoMeter's API showed up all over the conference, including with brands like Faurecia who are so well alligned with the megatrends in the automotive industry, addressing connectivity, electrification, and autonomous driving, as per their CEO Patrick Koller, who presented at their exciting press conference. They also showcased their Faurecia Clean Drive City Dashboard for smart cities, with air quality data provided by BreezoMeter.

Faurecia Clean Drive City Dashboard CES BreezoMeter.jpg

In the arena of smart homes and connected devices, Johnson Controls’ new voice-activated smart thermostat, GLAS, powered by Microsoft Cortana, integrates air quality data for their users, who can now pre-order the device.

Didn't get to visit our booth or talk with our team at CES? Don't worry. You can get in touch with an air quality specialist by clicking here:


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