Air Quality Reported on India's CNN News 18

CNN India News 18 Powered by BreezoMeter

Reporting air quality data is becoming more commonplace, just like reporting the weather. In places like India, where air quality information is integral to people's everyday decisions, CNN News 18 has teamed up with Eureka Forbes' Dr. Aeroguard to present air quality data to its viewers, which they can use to make better decisions for their health.

The data they are using is powered by BreezoMeter, meaning they have continuous coverage across the continent, and can even check what's in the air they breathe, down to the city block level where they are.

check air pollution map

 Some of the Benefits of using BreezoMeter's air quality data:

  • Viewers can rely on up-to-date information even when a government monitoring station is not close by or is not on-line, for whatever reason.
  • Continuous coverage over the whole country, in rural areas and cities alike.
  • The data is easy to understand, as it is presented on a 0 to 100 scale, is correspondingly color-coded, and has simple description, hazardous - excellent scale.
  • The air quality index is standardized globally, perfect for brands that operate worldwide.


If you are interested in adding air quality information to your show, campaign, product or app, talk with an air quality specialist to find out how.


More global and Indian businesses are learning that integrating an air quality API into their products boosts sales and user engagement, while helping to improve health and wellness. Read more here.



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