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Should I Care About Air Pollution?

Shahar Polak

Being aware of the air quality you breathe is extremely important and BreezoMeter can help you with that. But why you should really care? air quality and health? Learn about some of the many things that BreezoMeter's app & data can help you with in this video.

★ Download BreezoMeter and breathe easy:

Use BreezoMeter to track the outdoor air quality around you and to minimize your exposure to outdoor air pollution.

Watch the outdoor air quality at the kids kindergarten, plan the healthiest exercise route and make informed decisions about everyday life.
✓ Perfect for parents to small children and infants.
✓ Great solution to athletes, runners, cyclists and anyone doing outdoor sport activities.
✓ Important for asthma, lung and heart patients.

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This video was created by: Sarah Katularu


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