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Our Air Pollution Map API, Upgraded: Faster & Easier to Work With

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By Ohad Zadok on November, 23 2017

Air quality is constantly changing, and our air pollution map is changing with it.

With more brands signing on to use our air quality business features and especially our air pollution map feature, we’ve invested in making some improvements to our pollution maps API. This is part of our goal to keep providing brands with the best in location-specific, real-time accurate air quality data.

Here are a few things we’re now doing even better.

What We’re Doing Better

Our API Is Now Easier for Brands to Implement

Why fix what’s not broken? The previous maps API worked great for some clients. But that’s the problem: it only worked great for some. It wasn’t standardized, and some brands were having trouble implementing our interactive maps. We listened to those brands, took the hint, and created an API with standard implementation. Our air pollution maps are now easier for brands in any industry, country, and on any platform to use and implement.

Zooming is Smoother than Ever

Since BreezoMeter can track pollution levels down to 500 meters, our pollution maps have always allowed users to zoom in close.

Users love that they can zoom in on their own neighborhood and see what’s impacting pollution levels right where they are. But some brands found that the maps weren’t responding well at the highest zoom levels. Actually, zooming in too far sometimes would make the app crash for some clients.

Our location specific data is something users and brands love and rely on. It’s also one of the features that sets us apart from our competitors, so worked to re-engineer our maps API so it can handle the high level zoom much more smoothly.

Our air pollution maps are now light and responsive at any zoom level. We use a standard tile map service which is easy to implement on most map services, and adaptable to any language. It’s important to note that we create tiles up to zoom level 8. Anything above that and devices will be working on the fly to deliver the proper image.

Faster, Stronger, Better Air Pollution Maps

Our old pollution maps API was fast, but we wanted to make it faster.

We want brands to have the quickest results possible for their users, whether it’s accurate air quality data in their apps, technology for asthma patients, or to help users choose the right skin care products.

We work with a broad range of global brands, and their users depend on BreezoMeter’s fast service for real-time air pollution updates. Making sure our services are as fast and reliable as possible will always be our top priority.

What Stays the Same

Of course there are some things we would never change.

BreezoMeter is known for delivering accurate, location-specific pollution data, and that’s something that will always stay the same. We still collect our data using reliable government sensors in 67 countries around the world. We still go beyond the sensor data, using our dispersion models to calculate how traffic conditions, wind and weather patterns, and local events are impacting pollution at the street level, giving users accurate, continuous air quality information wherever they are.

All of this means that BreezoMeter continues to provide better accuracy for your users, and more reliability for your brand. This is what our services have been built on, and what brands have come to expect from us. And we have no plans to change that.

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