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About an underlying mechanism: connecting air pollution and ASD

By Guest Post February 23, 2015

Guest post by: Friedman Hagit, PhD, Department of Nursing Faculty of Health sciences and social..

[Video] Sand Storm Leads to Israel's Worst Air Pollution

By Shahar Polak February 11, 2015

Between February 10th & 11th, Israel suffered from the lowest air quality levels in the past 5..

Air pollution "causing deadly public health crisis"

By Shahar Polak December 9, 2014

James Gallagher (Health editor, BBC News website) couldn't say it better (see below) . Air..

Choosing the Freshest Location to Vacation

By Shahar Polak July 28, 2014

Singles, couples and families are still debating where to travel for their annual summer..

Wearable Devices: Transforming Society One Day at a Time

By Shahar Polak July 20, 2014

When I was a child, James Bond was my favorite movie character. I would graciously stare at the..


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