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Thanksgiving, Air Pollution & Agriculture

By Teo Zuares November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving was originally introduced to celebrate the harvest. As we gather around the table..

What is the Air Quality in Paris, Place de la Nation?

By Guest Post November 20, 2016

"To breathe Paris is to preserve the soul" - Victor Hugo

Beyond the Ozone Layer - Ozone Pollution

By Sophie Gallet November 17, 2016

Ozone. A familiar word, even among the non scientist majority. For years we have been told about..

How Can We Solve the Air Pollution Issue?

By Ziv Lautman November 10, 2016

We all have different attitudes regarding the air pollution issue. Some people are simply not a..

U.S. Politics: Obama’s Legacy on Air Quality

By Guest Post November 4, 2016

The months and days leading up the election of 2016 have become more like a typical reality..

Halloween: The Spooky Facts About Air Quality

By Sophie Gallet October 31, 2016

You don’t need to a watch horror film to get a fright. There is a real-life killer that haunts..


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